Philosopher from Hell Part1 – consciousness – search for truth and sustainable happyness

David’s Philosophy of Life … things and insights i wanted to share with you (the world) before i die.

Maybe it enables some of you to develop yourself as human beings.

To be more aware of things that are going on and wrong.

Why from Hell?

Because if you are surrounded by „Zombies“ – life is hell.


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David’s Lebensphilosophie – Achtsamkeit, Bewusstsein, auf der Suche nach Wahrheit

Dinge die ich euch mitteilen möchte, damit ich nicht jedem einzeln die Welt erklären muss, ein Youtube-Video.

Vielleicht hilft es dem ein oder anderen sich als Mensch weiter zu entwickeln, klarer zu sehen, Einsichten zu bekommen, was Er/Sie wirklich will und auch die Motivation das dann durch zu ziehen.

Eine Deutsche Übersetzung des Videos müsste angefertigt werden.

Ich wollte es der internationalen Audienz ermöglichen mich zu verstehen, deswegen English.

Make this civilisation deserve the name.

Effizienz ist nicht Alles


What about Resilience(Biodiversity), sustainability, quality of life, friendship, trust, family, children?

Do not matter?

Monopolies create monocultures.

Crash – Fix – Crash – Fix – Crash – Fix… Crash – Crash – Crash.. This does not work and will get people killed.

Please checkout Bernard Lietaer and the Conference of Complementary Currency Systems.

Philosopher, Consultant for a better World.

Buen Vivir – a good life – for everybody is possible.

Herrmann Scheer: We need a New Redistribution of Wealth or we face a age of barbarianism.

“If we do not find new ways and methods to redistrubute wealth… We will have a New age of barbarianism. This is inevitable.”

Hermann Scheer (SPD, German Parliament)

If you can not afford to buy Land in an peaceful Land… You will be bound to die Earlier Than you probably wanted… More violent Than you probably wanted.

And so on.

Refuges welcome – but we have got a fucked up cooperation system called money and a pro-death-economy.

We – the West – can barely be called a civilisation.

If we are a civilisation, we are a civilisation of invisible – but more and more visible violence.

We do not value human lifes… Only the control over them.

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